Get your shit together aka the whole year in Switzerland

I could not believe it has been already a year I’ve decided to come to Switzerland. Everyone could tell you how hard it is to move abroad, but unless you try on your own, you never know what is this like. Most of people can tell you it will challenge you and of course it will, but speaking of Switzerland, you actually cannot prepare for what your life become like.

My decision to move to Switzerland came so fast that I did not even think it through. I remember the feeling of freedom I had driving my car to Lutry from France. But are you really free in this country? The truth is, there are things that work perfectly and things that don’t. That’s life. Nothing is black or white. But I guess I was never truly proud of being Czech and coming from where I grow up until now. I could not be more grateful for what we have and what Czech actually has to offer, such as the health system and way more. Here in Switzerland, you pay a lot to have a health insurance (you pay a lot for everything) and almost nothing is covered. Back home, I would have everything payed as a student or an employee and would rarely bother with some payment.

On the other hand, we have a lot of to learn speaking of driving. Everyone (almost) is patient here, follows the rules and the speed limit. If not, you get a fine which is high enough to make you think twice. I was shocked driving back home as I forgot how people don’t obey anything they’re told to.

It is hard to compare these countries in a socializing. I have never been to a primary and secondary school here and my life would probably be different if I was. But from what I’ve seen it is hard to meet people and still now after a year here, I can count Swiss people I know on the fingers of one hand. In France, it was certainly different, making friends was an active on daily basis, on the street, on the beach, in the coffee shop. It simply seemed to be the easiest thing ever. However, I gained physically a lot thanks to being alone and learning about myself, my desires, my dreams and my personality. I have probably never been so alone in my entire life, which I’ve been already speaking about the whole year in my posts. (Stop being such a cry baby, Katerina)

I have not traveled much in my country, but whenever you go in Switzerland, it is just clean, organized and amazing. I’ll truly miss walking around the lake and watching the silhouette of the mountains or going to random hikes wherever and whenever you feel like. (luckily, I have so much to discover in Australia)

Regarding the salaries and the prices, yes. Everything is expensive, or at least more expensive. But I was never a fan of comparing prices, everything seemed always expensive for people who come from Western Europe, the salaries are different and so are the prices. I think, life is never easy and you have to work always hard, depending on your goals and things you want to have in your life. I have to admit, I am happy for the increase of minimum wages that may appear in my country. (Fingers crosser for all the people who work hard and deserve to be evaluated well.)

Would I stay here or come back in the future?

Hell no! As much as I love living here, my kids (can’t call them differently), nature, hiking, gym buddies, friends around and the lifestyle itself, it is the time for me to move on and continue doing something else. I’ll always remember Switzerland as a year and half that has completely changed me, I have learned so much that it might have been one of the most important years of my life. Hopefully, I’ll manage to pass even my C1 of French in upcoming months and for the future? I just want to be my true self which makes people around me happy because then I’m happy and can’t wait for the last 5 months here, hopefully filled with a lot of sun and nice moments with my beloved and then, I’m ready for Australia.

Thanks for reading,


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