17 facts about traveler and what traveling means to me

Hello everyone,

I cannot believe time flies so fast, it has been already a month since I came back to Switzerland. Although I might be back into my routine, my daily thoughts go to traveling, that is also why I wanted to sit to have a coffee and write today.

I will share with you 17 facts about traveler, especially speaking of the bag packer :

  1. You will stink
  2. No matter how many time you shower, you will stink
  3. Your diet will include food you could have never imagined eating before
  4. You become alcoholic (especially in countries where beer is cheaper than water)
  5. You will grow an alcohol tolerance
  6. You will be able to accomplish any task while being hangover
  7. Your ability to speak to strangers will be improved
  8. You definitely stop caring about people who judge you by your appearance
  9. Lack of sleep will become part of your life
  10. The laundry day will be comparable to Christmas
  11. Being alone will become luxury that you will not get
  12. The real coming home and becoming alone will feel like the weirdest reality
  13. You get used to sleeping with people around who snore, pack, come in, laugh, shower
  14. Time will go faster
  15. You will have literally no clue what day or date it is
  16. You wear all the time the same outfit
  17. Showering will feel like being reborn

If none of these scared you, you should still go and explore!

I mean, it is all worth meeting interesting people who might change your life by just speaking to them, or seeing historical places and monuments that might have influence on your future as well. I find that on the go we actually open to each other and live truly at the moment.

For me personally, traveling and moving abroad has changed perspective not only of my living but also it has changed me deep inside and I become more in piece with myself, got to know myself better, learnt so much about different cultures, about history, about psychology of people, met so many interesting people who are willing to help you with whatever cross your journey. You just have to love it and honestly, I cannot wait for the next adventure my life will bring to me!

Have an amazing day!


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