All the little things which make the changes

Hello everyone,

well after spending yesterday in Geneve with my girl and having some serious discussion over there, I wanted to share with you what was on my mind.

I just realize the importance of knowing language, especially the English. I asked myself where would I be if I never learnt the language? I am not saying, I know English by heart with all the grammatical rules and all these idioms which exist, but English has truly changed my life.

I would probably not go far with knowing just Czech, to be honest. Iā€™d not probably ever be able to travel as much as I am, to move to another country, or to speak to people or to have so man6 international friends. I use English on daily basis and I do not take it as some plus anymore.

But back to yesterday, that was my little sparkle during the day. Being truly delighted knowing the language and pushing myself to learn more of English, but also working on being able to speak with more people.

The world is so small when you can speak English and be able to share with people all around and Iā€™m so happy about it.

Thanks for reading my little though of Thursday,


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