Life update

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a good day out there.

Today, I wanted to write about so many things, but at the end I did not find so much inspiration, so I decided to make a small life update about what has changed in my life.

1. Australia

Last year, when I felt kind of stressed, I was told that it might be also caused by not knowing where I’m going next. I do not know if that was right, but it is true that now I feel like it all make more sense and there is bright future waiting for me. I’ve decided to go to Australia. The first plan was to stay there for about 6-12 months, but fortunately I’m moving to Australia for about two years, not only to explore, to live somewhere else, to meet people, to work, but this time also to finish my studies. My field will be Travel and Tourism Management. Yaaaay! I’m so excited about this!

2. Road trip

For the time that I still have here in Europe, I wanted to plan some stops to see places where I haven’t gone to yet. As I need to save a lot for Australia, I will not be able to travel as much as I wanted and pictured during upcoming months. But that is all okay. When my contract finishes here, my friend is coming to pick me up and we are about to explore a lot. I’ll keep you update and prepare a single article about the travel itself.

3. Veganuary

I finally started with just plant based diet. I was already mostly plant based before, but whenever I would eat something containing eggs or some dairy, it would not make me much concerned. This time, I’m searching for recipes, I try as much as possible from the book I got for my birthday and it is truly a lot of fun. And it has been just two weeks, but I feel amazing.

4. No stressing myself out

Well, as last months of the year I didn’t feel deeply as myself, because there was so much going on my mind, I decided to free my mind. So, I started to follow back my routine, which means doing anything that brings me pleasure and joy, going again to gym, doing yoga, reading, writing new blog posts, meeting people I do love, exploring the unknown in the area, taking pictures, playing with my new camera and way more.

5. Going with the flow

Although I might be someone who does like to plan, as it also helps to be more productive during the day, sometimes things don’t go as you plan and in that case I would be totally lost and angry at myself, but last weeks I just let everything to be as I feel like at that precious moment.

6. The anatomy

As I’m huge fan of sports and someone who likes to learn, I could not have taken up a better hobby than learning all about human’s anatomy, plus in French. But challenge accepted! Let’s see where I can get with the power of my will.

7. The postponement of the DALF

In March I was supposed to take the exam in order to get my C1 of French. However, I feel like I’ve learnt so much since I arrived and I would probably pass. Some extra time will never hurt, so let’s see how it goes in June.

So how has your January been so far and what is new with you?

Let me know,


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