Back to Nice

The last stop that I made was in Nice, France. After living in Côte d’Azur during the last year(still working on my Nice article), I was frightened to come back. First, I personally do not like coming back as it never feels the same way without people you’ve experienced so much around. But it was more convenient to take the flight from Faro over here, so I decided to spend a few days in Nice.

It was funny to get out of the plane and knowing where to go after all this time when I didn’t have any clue where is anything situated. I found the hostel pretty fast and not longer after I was siting in my room, where were a lot of people sleeping. Damn, it was 3 in the afternoon.

I decided to leave the room but I had no battery, so I went to coffee shop in our hostel which actually turned into bar later. Not long after sitting there, I was talking to couple of people. But as an explorer, I needed to get out to see how my city has actually changed. Not much was different though.

So I ended back in the hostel bar with more and more people around, having more and more beers. It felt so different comparing to Krakow. After way too much beers, I went to sauna with a guy I met just a couple hours ago. I have no clue when I reached my room though but slept around 6 hours which was just incredible after all this time!

The other day me and this new friend of mine were going to find a spot we saw on instagram. Thanks to my perfect navigation skills, we changed our plans on the middle of the way and went for a small hike to see the city from upper perspective. Finally, I found a place I haven’t been to yet, despite the time I spent in this city. The view, weather and my company was just perfect.

The upcoming night was nothing than more beers and meeting more people but this time I took it easy and actually left quite early to catch up on sleep, which I was lacking way too long. Finally my trip started to be a bit relaxing and was ready to explore more parts of the city that I haven’t visit yet the other day.

I was leaving the other morning around 7 from the airport of Nice and I found so cool to spend the last night with people who were as me just travelers from so many different countries. One night we were all sharing beers and the other, I was back to Lausanne, the others went to Geneva, Rome, Barcelona, one stayed in Nice and other places. This is what and why I love it so much. The diversity. All the different people who share their enthusiasm, positive energy and couple beers before they end up somewhere else.

2 thoughts on “Back to Nice

    1. Thanks a lot! You should go there, I’m preparing another one about places to try out there and what to see in the area and lots of stories that happened to me while living there, if you’re interested! 🙂

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