The sip of Portugal

Back in hostel after some beers, saying some goodbyes which I usually try to avoid, I went to have dinner with mr. V, who came to pick me up. As I remember it took us around five hours. Thanks again to my fantastic friend for coming all the way for me! Anyways, I was literally never so annoyed. I wanted to sleep so much as I was lacking some rest for ages and I couldn’t due to music which was almost all the way on in order to keep him awake. I tried not to be bitching about it, so was very pleased when we actually reached Vienna and were about to get our shuttle bus to the airport.

It was negative seven when were running to catch our bus. Not only it was freezing, we found some ice on our way. I ended up lying on the ground and my friend’s shoes were wet till the other night. What a lovely start. I would actually pay someone to film this and would laugh over and over again. Fortunately, we made it to the bus and not long after I forgot about my hand covered in small amount of blood. The lady in the security checked asked me if it was raining outside, so I guess we looked funny, wet and as trash at the same time.

Are you also this type of person who is lucky to have a baby on the board? Poor kid was crying three hours in a row. Later, already in Faro we were waiting for another bus to get us closer to the city centre. I called my mum and as we sounded so desperate waiting there, she though we might be already drunk. After I don’t even remember how much time, there was a bus. Yaaaay!

If you go to Portugal and want to eat before 12, that is simply not happening. The only thing you get is alcohol. I wanted to stay sober, but that was not an option.

Finally. We got to our Airbnb and I had shower. Yaaay! We tried to have some rest as none of us really slept, but our desire to explore was bigger so we ended up going around and having some drinks later. Faro is an amazing place to go (photos below).

We also like to learn at least some basics to understand people around. This time, we found useful to know three phrases which we were using around. Para la ropa, que pasa and obrigado. We probably looked dumb answering these to any question but that’s just the way we are.

Anyways, if you expect a huge party and friendly people, it might disappoint you on this one. People are fine, we tried to be opened and talked to some, but not really friends for life or someone who would care. They take their life easy and enjoy it as they want and would not do more just because you are there. On the other side there is something behind this which people from central and Northern Europe should use in their everyday’s life.

The New Years Eve was still fun though. We stayed in bed till 23 because Portuguese. To me, it felt insane that in one hour all the streets were full of people, I have no clue where all these people have been. Everyone was waiting to get the kiss and have a sip.

No matter what day is it over there, there will always be a same lady in the bus, if the bus comes, no food before twelve and empty streets to explore. But I guess, I’ll just like it this way.

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