7 tips to find a perfect travel buddy

Although I have a lot of friends who share the same interests, I’d not travel with all of them. Traveling together might cause problems that could change your friendship. Among all my friends I traveled with some and until now I haven’t found a person who I could get on the road with. It is not the question of compromises but simply everyone is looking for something else during the visit and it is very important to think about it before leaving.

1. Accommodation

I highly recommend to talk about this one. Although you might be someone who would sleep literally on the floor, the person you travel with might be someone who needs a flat or hotel which would be very clean. I find this super important because it already happened to me that I was traveling with someone who kept complaining about our Airbnb, which to be honest is just super annoying.

2. Food

Throughout all the travels I met all the kinds of travelers, those thanks to them fast-foods still exist, those who would spend all the money on the food, pick the best restaurants or bistros and those who prefer to cook at home, in the hostel or Airbnb. I try to make some compromises and mix a bit of everything but frankly, I can’t imagine staying for example all days on the food from fast-foods, then I rather skip food at all.

3. Sightseeing

The preferences are different but I find this so damn important. There are people who travel to meet others and drink the night out and spend the following day in the bed, also those who would check every single monument around and then those who see something but also just take it easy and with the flow. Before the travel, you should know whether your partner is willing to be chill or running around with a camera. Sometimes it is hard to find people who just explore the city by walking around or getting lost and having some coffee in local coffee shops watching locals and talking to some of them, that’s my favorite way of getting to know some place.

4. Organization

As I said couple of times, I’m not someone who would plan every step I take. I plan as it comes and as I feel, but again I met people who would organize every hour to see something because that was a reason why they reach the destination, which is pretty much understandable.

5. Socializing

Therefore you might be up to meet people around, not just locals but as well the travelers who cross your road, not everyone is opened to spend their time doing that, especially when your travel buddy came to see you and spend time with only you.

6. Spare time

I guess, it is just easier to travel with someone who wants the separate time from each other. To be honest, being with someone 24 hours a few days might seem impossible to go through and that just makes this all easier.

7. Self-reliance

Basically, there are people who cannot be alone for a moment and who are totally dependent on you and your plans and your task will generally be to look after your partner, well you are not a parent on the go, so it is okay to avoid having these people by your side.

I always be probably a person who prefers to travel alone in order to meet as many people and see whatever I feel like but I finally found a person I could be traveling with. My previous experience taught me that no matter how much you love your friends, it does not mean this is the partner you should be traveling with. I recommend to go through your planning in advance to see if the points of interests are the same, you can also do some compromises, but at the end it is your vacation.

Thanks for reading,


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