The need of adventure in my life

I am someone who does not like to stay in one place for a long time, somehow I like routines because they’re easy to follow but on the other hand I hate them because simply life should not be so organized. From what I know about life in Switzerland, it is always more organized than spontaneous.

But the Christmas time was about to come. Yaaay! The whole drive home was fun, except the part when I got stuck on roadway in front of my city. Probably, that was also a reason why I got so happy when I called one of my friend in order to ask if he wanted to grab a coffee directly after my arrival 0:30 and his answer was yes! At least someone got that night a coffee. Me and my parents got just way too much of champagne which was just a start to this never ending crazy road that was about to come.

After catching up with a few of my friends and my parents, Saturday came and Kate was coming. Gosh, I still remember this excitement I had when I saw her on bus station. Truly, after last months in Switzerland I was just happy to have some chill time by her side. I tried to show her Brno and stop in as many coffee shops as possible, but also to spend some time with family. The time went so fast and soon we were on the bus to Krakow.

My first hostel experience was about to start. I still don’t get why I did not try hostels before. Definitely the most friendly place where you cross road of so many interesting people. And if you are scared, a few beers will definitely help you out. Briefly, the first night I came to my room around 5:40. Honestly, I felt so alive after so long without drinks but rushing to get on the bus to Auschwitz which was about to leave around 8 felt not so cool anymore. Somehow I survived and grabbed some other drinks the other night, as a Czech I should be able to handle some alcohol. So let’s agree that my own way of handling is just different. :-D. Anyways Krakow is definitely place to visit. If you ignore people on the street who will look at you like there is something wrong with you, you fall in love with architecture, coffee shops everywhere and find historical spots that are on everyone’s budget list.

Every road must end at some point and later on Friday night I was picked by a friend of mine. Let’s call him Mr.V, as his name is very Czech. We ate the best vegan burgers (at least I did,haha) and got on the road to reach Vienna’s airport. But about this one later.

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