Getting disconnected…

Hello everyone,

I know I have not been into writing for a while, but just only the life happened. Everyone knows the term "lazy Sunday" and as the previewed weather was not so satisfying I decided to have the lazy Saturday without doing any sports or school, forgetting about all the duties I have. I just had a coffee with a friend of mine I was telling what is up, realizing how much I feel like writing today.

Things have changed after we got back from Dubai. I guess it's partly my fault but finding every day the strength to just keep going is sometimes very hard. I missed my inner peace and I know it's been also caused by lack of the freedom. I also miss the adventure of life when nothing is so organized and planned.

To keep my mind busy with the pleasant events I kept running around. A good friend visited me in Lausanne. I felt for a bit like being back home and having someone who understands me completely. Every year I was coming home for birthday no matter where I was, but not the case this year. It was very cool, though. We started the morning with way too much food. (I think my stomach hasn't proceed it yet), had some alcohol in the morning time. My day was cut in two parts. According to the working one, the kids were the sweetest and then I had the night off and out. To me, this means something. I mean I haven't partied for probably way too long. Anyway getting next to the cathedral seeing all Lausanne lightened, drinking wine from birthday cups and having some people around made it all so special. After we continued to the Great Escape where we danced and drunk. I don't remember much after but I had this vegan coconut ice cream which is truly amazing so I probably had a good time. My brain started to work around 6:30 and at 7 I was about to prepare the breakfast for the kids.

I mean this all week was very special and extraordinary. Things went as they should be and I realize how much I love living at the present moment. Regarding to my future, I knew I should start taking small steps to make my future possible somewhere. I signed up back to school and it's been already two weeks I've been every day in the class learning French. I truly do love it, not only I can value myself way better as an adult, also the fact that I am doing it for myself makes me better as a student.

During the week, I was focusing on my homework and some of my friends were texting me via messenger as always. I told myself I can't work this way. It all stops me from living my life in present and doing more for the tasks that I was told to do. So simply as that I deleted Facebook and Messenger. And you know what? It is possible to live without. Funny fact is that it did not take long for my friends to realize I have disappeared. And for those, I haven't answered yet, I'm truly sorry. I will get there.

Through the life I met various people and one of the biggest inspiration to me is my Czech friend Romana, who left the country in order to find out what she wanted in her life. She has faced the situation which is very familiar to me now. Everyone was telling her how amazing is what she does and asking about the key to be brave enough to take on this road. But the only truth is being scared is the best feeling which can come. You stop talking and start doing. She also told me "I stopped being attached to people and to having material things." Today when I look back, it all makes sense. It does not mean I do not love all friends I have back home, but simply I just enjoy the people who are around.

By the way, life is great. I will survive this situation somehow.
Christmas time is coming which means family time. I seriously can't wait. I come back to the Czech Republic for a couple of days (not really much, I want to already apologize to my friends I won't be able to meet) then to Krakow, New Year's Eve in Faro and for a bit to Nice. And this being on the go makes me feel living.

Have a good rainy weekend,


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