How to fight for your rights and not to get crazy

A lot of my posts are just being edited and that makes all this process a bit longer.
Due to my job, I seriously started to hate holidays. I mean, for me the term holidays means working 24/7 and according to the conditions I have at my job, I cannot complain.

The autumn holidays I was told to leave with the kids to Dubai. So on Sunday I was having a brunch with a friend of mine, following by a walk around Lausanne and going to gym. Later that day, around afternoon I found out the other day we were leaving. It seems exciting but stressful at the same time. The good thing was that everything was planned by someone else, so it was a mess but I was not worried because I did not have to necessarily plan or take care of anything, except the kids.

Most of my friends liked this amazing opportunity to see a new place and have holidays, but the thing is I did not come to have holidays, I went to work there. The downside of going for holidays with the kids alone is to be alone. The first few days I struggled a lot. If I ever appeared to be alone in Switzerland, I could just focus on myself and my goals but this time I needed to stay on the same place and watch the kids in the pool the majority of the day and I have to admit hours pass slow when you feel lonely and no one to talk is around.

I was that desperate that I decided to talk to my host mum and the other day my host dad came to help me out. I was mainly happy to have more people around. Unfortunately, on Thursday night I got sick and Friday I spent in the bed in order to calm down my stomach and get my temperature lower. On Saturday the mother came to join us. I felt both amazing and horrible. To be honest, I was feeling a bit the way that I was not able to handle my duties if they needed to come, but I did not realize one thing I was told by my mother later. I am not a parent!

Sincerely, I found these ten days very hard. Despite the fact I’ve learn a lot of about myself(again, this year is really such a lesson), it was not the best experience for neither of us. I found myself crying a lot over there and I just realized that being an au pair means to the certain point living life of someone else. You are never completely free. The other struggle is to be a friend with your boss. I admire the parents I work for as people and I respect them a lot, but also we have these family moments, we try to share a lot and that is very great but makes it very hard to be straightforward in certain situations as this one was. I was very worried that making a complaint would show that I might not appreciate the possibility to spend my time with the amazing kids in Dubai, but after one day of not having any spare time and having a fight with my boss, I told myself that I should be louder in actions. Simply as that I stopped being worried about tomorrow.
Let’s face the facts, I’m an au pair which means to work 5 hours a day and 35 hours a week for certain amount of money and it is incredible that I was sent to one of the best hotels in Dubai to spend a few day with the boys but I also have my life and I am also a human being with its need.

If that means that tomorrow I might be fired, the next post will be about another adventure I appeared to have in my life, if not, I will happily finish my duties in Switzerland and then start doing something else, but I personally believe no one should be afraid to make a complaint. If you don’t like your job, color of your hair, your jacket, just don’t allow yourself to have negative thoughts and go ahead to change it. I have to say that I am proud of myself although it makes my life a bit mysterious because well, I do not know if I still have home in the destination I will reach very soon.

On the other hand, the days I got off were incredible though. Dubai is definitely not my place to be, everything is way too luxurious, you cannot even have a walk and basically everything is served to you. I do not like this at all. When I asked the stuff in the hotel where I can walk to the city center, he started to laugh like crazy. But the high level of service is impressive and people are very polite and kind(at least they were to me) so while exploring I’ve met a lot of interesting people I shared some moments with and that is why I love traveling and life.

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