That one about Tinder

Meeting new people was always an exciting adventure. For those, who have moved abroad it might seem a bit difficult, especially in certain cultures. 
The time has changed and there is no need to actually go outside and face the fear, because we have Tinder. I found just two groups of people; those, who are on Tinder and those who judge Tinder and people who use this app. Personally, I was always wondering why would anyone really use Tinder and as an average Czech person I was judging much, but moving abroad and getting to know how other people look at dating apps made me change my mind.

Recently, I belong to that part who has been on Tinder, not only once. I do not even remember how this all has started. Even though I am not an active user now, I kind of miss the feeling. As I have logged a few times there were many special situations that have happened to me. For instance, me and my friend Jakub were dying of laughter when I got back on Tinder and there was a guy who just wrote me “you again?”

I do not know if people really want to find their love of the life or it is just the way to find someone to have sexual act of love with, I always took it as a game, very addictive game. You just want to swipe and swipe all day long. I was waiting in the traffic jam and found myself swiping. I never took it very seriously and most of the time I was making fun of the guys, but still I kept being logged. (pictures bellow)

Within my friends (who come from foreign countries) I have found many people who met their life partners on Tinder and my experience so far is that I have met many creeps, but not the right yet. Haha! Of course that not all of the people were horrible, I’ve been always very lucky according to stories I heard around.

With a friend of mine we reached 1000likes and we were expecting some kind of price for such a effort. We got nothing, just many guys who were literally annoying us.

So the very worst one I’ve ever heard was the story about 30 minutes date. I remember when I was younger, there was a show on MTV called disaster date and I bet this girl had to feel the same way as the people in the show. Let’s make the long story short. A girl matched a guy, they spent some time chatting and thought it’s worth meeting up. Both of them probably knew where it all lead to. So the settled night she took her car to drive to another city to find him in the club, however it was already a mess and it seemed almost impossible to agree so she wanted to give up. Early Sunday morning, he started to make more effort to meet her and finally later, he came to pick her up. I just got the text saying that it was weird. I was not stressed about my friend because I suppose that is how it always goes. I went to sleep and not long after I heard such a weird noise. That was my friend climbing up the port of our house and ringing. I opened the door and heard just “I do not wanna talk about this” I was just like : “sure, good night.” Then I heard : “Kate, you cannot just go to sleep like this.”
So this guy first parked in the parking place right under the lamp, they got stopped by police twice, the first sentence he said to her was : “I do not speak English that well” and it was her who needed to start kissing him. They moved to back seat. Things started to get more serious and then she asked if he had taken condoms, he just answered no, don’t you have some? So she started to be like this is not happening and his réponse was priceless. He just looked at her and said “SUCK IT.”

The another friend of mine matched a guy from Paris, who flew to meet her in Geneve. But she actually never appeared and started to ignore his messages because that night she already got another date with a way better looking guy.

Then a girl I know started to date a guy, who later appeared to be on anti depressives. That si like a must have of your future boyfriend, I suppose.

Some of the dates even required the deeper investigation skills. A girl I know found in the apartment of the guy, who she was seeing already for a while, a ring and some pictures of the same blond women. He might be married, divorced or widowed, but we actually never found it out. So our skills suck a bit.

It always make me laugh when the guys are even that lazy to find a pic without their current girlfriend or they use their wedding ones. Could people get even any more lazy?

To sum it up, the world is an interesting place full of crazy people and you do not need to log into the dating apps to meet them, but if you decide to do, you will definitely have a lot of fun.

What is your personal experience with Tinder?

Here you have some photos, hope that those will at least someone make laugh.

Have a great day,

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