The European Sip part 2.

To escape from the reality in Amsterdam, I decided to find a share car on my way to Germany. Luckily, it was very fast to find someone who was taking the ride to Frankfurt, which was my next destination. I got out of the town and was meeting with Mark, a Dutch guy, very likable and funny and another passenger Jolana, a Dutch girl. Our adventure could start. They are many reasons why using blablacar is a good thing, but I personally believe that meeting interesting people is the biggest advantage you can find. Mark have actually published a book and had the best music taste which we all shared. The drive was very fast and I didn’t even notice crossing the borders nor reaching our final destination. I found it even sad leaving Jolana a bit earlier and was heading with Mark to the airport to get another passenger but this person never appeared so we wanted to get back to the car, expect the fact no one of us remembered where we had parked it. 40 minutes later of the fear, the laugher and the most expensive parking ticket we were going to centre to find Marcel, another couchsurfer who offered me to stay at his. Fortunately, he was very easy going and not long after we were already riding Vespa around the city, ending our ride seeing the city from the highest perspective possible.

Marcel was very busy all the time during my stay. The other day I was just exploring city and shopping a bit because the weather was finally changing. We agreed on spending the evening together, so we made a dinner and tried to get to know better. In general, if you are a traveler, you meet a lot of people on the go, but that does not mean you will go along with all of them. I’d say we did not connect perfectly, comparing to other couch surfers I’ve met, but we still kept being nice to each other, the other night he offered me to join the weekly couch surfing meeting which was an excellent idea. This evening have become one of the best of my trip so far. Not only people were super interesting, but also so friendly. I stayed till the late morning, having beers and laughing and making plans for the other day with the others. I also decided that I’m not staying with Marcel anymore and needed to find a place, even though many of my new friends offered me place to stay, I was already chatting with Eduard who was living super close to the main station from where I had later connection to Basel. Of course I gave it a try and slept there and in this case it was a cool match, but the other day was very special due to meeting my lady that I haven’t seen since Nice. I could not describe you guys how happy the moment of having clean clothes which smell good for a traveler means. Christmas time! Believe me or not but life of traveler makes you feel homeless in so many ways. We spend a day around river in Basel, having some snack and drinks (as always in case of ours). For the night, we decided to stay in the apartment to catch up on sleeping and cook some delicious meal (I still mostly remember the wine) and ate with her boyfriend as well. It wasn’t very late when both of them told me to go to sleep because I looked very tired and the other day I was meeting another friend of mine from Nice, this time in Geneve.

After the breakfast me and Johanna went to Berne to spend a few hours there and catch another guy who was supposed to take me to Geneva. If something is worth visiting, it is Berne with its architecture, even though it is very small city.
I had the struggle finding the guy from BlaBlaCar, but after some language misunderstanding and more mess we finally found each other. I ended up super late (as kind of always lately) and Jeff had been waiting for me about an hour. Not long after I arrived, we were heading to get a beer in Geneva in such a cool place and went to his to catch up and spend some time together. To be honest, while visiting around, taking cable car to see Mont Blanc, eating fondue, making raclette and laughing way too much the time went pretty fast. It did not surprise me that I got sick by idea of coming home but every journey has an end and the memories are that counts.

I quickly stopped in Munich and then wen directly to Brno. To be honest, I got quite broke so it was time to start working again and I needed to decide what to do the following months with my life. But this journey has changed me and made me see traveling from completely new side.

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