An approval for the life

Throughout my life I have always needed to be approved by my friends, family and people around. At the end I’ve just always had a feeling that the situations seemed easier if there was someone who would do the same. Fortunately, this year taught me so much about myself and as the time pass by I realized that the only person who should approve the decisions I make is me.

Recently, my life has changed completely. Not only, my dream has become unrealistic due to the circumstances I don’t want to explain now, but also I faced a lot of more what was about to change. As usual, I got scared and even frustrated. At first, I did not know what I am supposed to do and I bet it is totally normal. I have worked on myself, my language skills, I have moved to get here even the position and out of the blue it was no longer the case. To be honest, I just wanted to call a few friends of mine, my parents and find the strength thanks to them and their own opinions. But this time I decided not to. It never goes just the way we want in our life. We plan it all and then life happens and then we have to deal with the flow. That is also what I did. I made a research and found as many positive sides of changing my dream goal and having new challenges in my life and it made me really calm and since that time every day has been just better and better.

I know this all might seem to everyone as such a sure thing. I do agree with all of you. But honestly, who can say that follows all the rules we know are good for us? Sometimes it is not easy, sometimes even though we should not care, we do. I can just say that I am very proud of myself as a person who is growing and gaining and this would have never happened to me if I didn’t make a decision to become an au pair.

As any other normal person, sometimes I get stuck going through posts on Instagram. I found out this picture and it made me think what goals I have reached during the past eight months. Sometimes it seems like you don’t move from the point where you stand a moment ago but if you really try, you always find something to be proud of. These are points that I have reached during 2017 so far:

  1. I stopped caring whatever people would say about me no matter what I do (this is basically why I finally start to write and I do much more appreciate people around who let their dreams come true)
  2. I realized there is no need to always have someone by your side (time for yourself is so important)
  3. Moving abroad doesn’t ruin any relationship you have back home (if it’s worth having, it will last)
  4. I started to be responsible for myself, because there was no other option (not just for myself but also for the kids, which I find kind of challenging)
  5. I can easily adapt to different situations which I could never imagine myself dealing with
  6. I stopped judging people
  7. There are always things that I can appreciate, even though the day turns to be super bad
  8. I feel comfortable in my own skin (everyone knows those bad days when you barely have time to get ready or to do tasks you’ve promised yourself you would, but that does not mean you shouldn’t feel amazing and proud of yourself)
  9. I do not need to be approved by people around me
  10. My French got so much better
  11. I have finally started to organize myself, my goals and plans

I am kind of excited for the rest of the year as there are so many great things coming. But I’ll let you guys update when it is all happening..
But what I suggest is to make a list of the things/decisions that you’ve done right last eight months and make the four coming of this year even more memorable.

Have a lovely day,

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