The unspoken truth about hiking

Saying goodbye is one of the toughest task for me to do while traveling and leaving Brno didn’t feel different, so I decided not to say any. The only real goodbye was with my parents in Vienna, but thanks to my friend Jacques it was all much easier. Not long after the flight we were sitting in Paddy’s in Ferney Voltaire, France, having a pichet (is there any right expression in English for that?!) of wine.

Although I wanted to show him as much as possible in the area, I found out I’m a terrible organizer. (sorry Jacques) We went to have a brunch in the centre of Lausanne, in a place called blackbird which is really cool. The day went quite fast and we walked through the centre of Lausanne, Vevey and the vineyards around the area with the absolutely stunning view of the lake Leman.

Our plans were changing all the time. So the other day we got in the car with just small thought of our final destination. The atmosphere in the car was lovely, none of us said a word as both of us were angry at each other. To make you all understand, I just couldn’t handle having my toilet seat up all the time and his things on three different spots, however soon I realized I’m being such a girl and smoothly started to make a convo. Jakub was very calm, he just asked if I have finally got my period that morning. Anyways, we appeared in the middle of nowhere and according to the navigation, it was around 2,5 km walk to our final destination. Easy peasy we thought.

Two and half hour later, desperate, hungry, sweaty and tired we got there. During the hike, I was everything but not motivated. I was dying and he was dancing, the world was pretty much balanced. Finally, the never ending path broke him too. We doubted that there even was some lake at the end or it would be just some puddle(which almost was) or there would be just a sign “LOL, you really followed the yellow line? Honestly, when I found out it is just another twenty minutes of this hell, my batteries got charged and I almost flew there. I looked around and the area surrounded by sheeps, chickens and the breathtaking view of nature. The lake was small but still worth all this pain. We stayed a while and took some water to drink from the spring up there, where later some guy washed his legs. So far, we’re still alive.

I think the worst was going back. We met a guy who literally ran all the way down, which I still can’t understand, I think I would run ten meters and the rest I would be falling down. Also I though about doing somersaults, but even for that you needed more energy.

We could live happily ever after, but Jakub decided to fall asleep in the car. Not only, I was tired, I found it really hard to keep my eyes open, I was very hungry, but also it started to rain like cats and dogs. After we arrived, I needed to make dinner and then finally I could die next to the pool.

Now when I think about that day, I have a smile on my face but during the day I just wished I could see everything from the perspective of an Instagram story.

I think anyone who loves hiking, also loves self torturing, equipment is just a marketing thing, because we made it with such a fabulous look and on your way up there you constantly hope it’s worth it, whereas you’re doubting it while going down. The only thing I actually appreciate is that there are not many people. As someone who loves traveling, I feel like recently everyone tries to travel as much as possible, because it’s also so cheap(which is good) but I hate crowds of people. Silence and the view are probably worth the pain but I’m pretty sure I won’t feel any better during my next hike.

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