Back to black, back to the Czech

More I travel, more I realize how much I do love Brno. To introduce Brno a bit, it is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, known mainly as the student city, for the MotoGP race and recently for increasing amount of cafes, restaurants and places that you should definitely visit. 

After calling my parents, I knew it is necessary to come back, at least for a few days. Even though I was excited at first, the day of departure did not feel like that at all. I went to the borders with France to get a coffee with Oona and relax myself a bit as I started to feel anxious and nervous.  She took me to the airport and not long after I appeared in Vienna, feeling both excited and stressed seeing one of my closest with a piece of cartoon and my name on it. To be honest, it felt super weird. I did not believe it is happening.

Now, I am packing my luggage and can’t believe the end is so close. I was so scared that moving abroad will change some of my relations but actually, nothing has changed. At least not in my case, during these days my presence was filled with the love, the happiness, the joy and the laugher. I always knew that I was very gifted to be surrounded by such people but I could not imagine that most of them are actually proud of me for reaching my goals at my age, which I have never seen as something special.  On the other hand, it is me who is proud of every single friend of mine after my visit. All of them are wonderful human beings who are growing and making their dreams come true.

After all, I found out that my place is not here anymore but this fact does not change any relationship I have back here and seriously, what can be better?

I will want to definitely remember some of the moments. For example the first night in Brno, driving around while listening to our top playlists, got up a peak of Hady with an amazing view of Brno, having meaningless convos while drinking ginger tea and coffee and enjoying the view. Simple but perfect time. First moment, when I came home at 5am and my dad was still up waiting for me running to the door with the craziest face and my mum preparing us breakfast this early. Having fun afternoon with my old classmates, trying so many great coffeeshops I have not tried yet in the area. (Definitely a thing in Brno, thanks God for sleepybear in Lausanne), trying vegan ice cream in Bozsky kopecek, having night out with my girls, enjoying concept of 4Pokoje and getting drunk, waking up too early (actually get to used lack of sleep), wisdom teeth extraction, changing my hairstyle, visiting my old working place, baking, having brunches, having tons of wine, random meetings on the streets, saving my friend’s dinner, falling into river and out of a bike, seeing all members of my family, seeing art exposition and mainly enjoying to the fullest and saying yes to everything.

Now I feel like I have been charged and ready to go back to my life over there and work on myself and my goals during the other half of the year. Brno will wait for the next time in December, when I am taking fantastic Kate ( with me, which is gonna be totally different but totally amazing with our traveling plans after. 

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