The Very First Sip


Our life is always just a summary of every decision we make. When I was a kid I couldn't imagine myself at the age of 21, because I thought we are old by the time we reach the age of 30. Here I am, a 21 years old woman who could never imagine living in Switzerland and becoming an au pair. I guess I just stopped thinking where I see myself in the coming years. It's good to have some goals in life but at the moment I do not care if I chase everything I have planned, I just want to be my happiest self.
I was never the perfect example of the type of person that fits into the societal system, I just really hate being told to do something or think a certain way. I'm not living my life perfectly, but I'm living it peacefully, joyfully, experiencing as much as possible and learning from my mistakes along the way. Well, it's amazing and crazy where you can get with this attitude. Every step I took, I made due to my parents who always supported me even though my dreams were too unreachable. 
Don't get me wrong, I really love learning in general, so I signed up for university about two years ago; first in Denmark and then in Brno, Czech Republic (where I come from). Long story short I ended up living in Nice in order to learn French. I found this way of learning a language way more useful to than receiving credits in university. Univeristy doesn't prepare you to start random conversations with a French stranger. 
After a few amazing weeks in Nice and a bit of traveling around Europe, which I'll write about later, I ended back home surrounded by people I admire the most. But I somehow wasn't feeling complete. I guess I just missed that feeling of freedom and spontaneous life. So, I become a stewardess in a train company which felt like a fresh air. Unfortunately, I got totally overwhelmed with work and didn't have time to live my life the way I wanted. I don't do anything that doesn't make me happy to the fullest extent. I become a zombie, therefore I decided to make a life change and become an au pair. 
I thought to myself: What is so hard about being an au pair? There are plenty of experience shared on the internet about this program, but nothing can make you prepare for what life is really like with your host family. A month later I was leaving Czech Republic feeling both happiness and fear. I came to France after this totally crazy but safe drive with my parents, then took them to the airport. I made fun of them as they cried like babies about me leaving, however at the end I found myself crying with them.
Living with a family you don't know isn't an easy decision but I viewed as a challenge for myself. At times I found myself frustrated and unhappy however I didn't want to be weak. knew I didn't wanna spend following ten more months living this sad life. I felt determined by a bright future and a few days later after some research, I moved to Lutry, Switzerland with a new host family.
My new life in Lutry couldn't be more blessed. Every day I wake up and I prepare breakfast while looking at this incredible view of the French Alps. Everyday I come home to a family that feels like my own; they are extremely caring and just an all around lovely family to live with. The kids may drive me crazy sometimes but when  they hug me and say "I so much love you" it makes it feel all worth it. 
This is it. Life can be amazing. We can't be afraid of making decisions that scare us or that are not always easy to make and we shouldn't forget to keep our eyes open. There is so much to be happy about.

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