The European Sip part 1.

The majority of people love traveling. Some to make their life look better on social media, some to escape from every days problems, some to get to know different culture or write an article about. I’m the kind of person who loves traveling as well. But to be honest, it can be a bit stressful because it always depends how organized you are. As much as I love all these past cases and different folders for plane tickets and hotel bookings, I don’t see myself as this type of person when it comes to travel organization.

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to travel within the European Union which made it much easier. I was taking the flight to Italy at 8:20 and while saying goodbye to my parents my dad just randomly asked “Do you have your passport? Is it even valid?” So I went to look. Not only did I forget to take my passport with me, but even worse, it was expired. Well, this is me. I love the way I am, even if at times it can be stressful.

As I already wrote last year I was living a period of my life in Nice, France. It was awesome and crazy but as I was there in order to learn a language and pass my exam, I don’t feel like writing about this now, so I’ll just skip to the last evening and the following morning in Nice.The last afternoon in Nice was quite a mess. I had sent my big luggage home earlier but I didn’t realize how many of my belongings I still had with me. I literally spent the entire afternoon trying to close my handbag by sitting on it.

I didn’t want to go out and party but I felt like I need one more going out in Nice in order to say goodbye to my second home. My friends were going to karaoke which was kind of habit every Wednesday, so I decided to join them and have a glass or two. Long story short I ended singing a karaoke with my friend from Holland, mixing shots with beer and woke up the other not so shining as usual. It would be all great, if I wasn’t supposed to catch the train at 12:35. As I promised to come to the school and say goodbye I skipped breakfast and just went directly there. After saying goodbye, which I’m not really good at, I was rushing to the train station. I actually planned to go ahead and ask for everything to be super prepared, but you know then life happens and you arrive at 12:25 and the man at the information just tell you to hurry up and number of platform. That moment I felt very satisfied, even though the famous TGV looked way worse then some trains in my country. (And to be honest, it’s not that easy to compete with those).

We started to move and I was just looking from the window and thinking how I’m going to survive those 10 hours to Luxembourg. There was an elderly woman sitting in front of me and her ticket looked way fancier than mine. I started to panicked and looked around. Everyone’s ticket looked similar to hers. I looked at mine and the only thing I’ve seen this time looking at my ticket was THIS IS NOT A VALID TICKET. I started to laugh and thought that there must be a way, how I’m going deal with this problem. I was getting so nervous, my hangover was getting really worse and I had no water and nothing to eat because the wagons weren’t connected. I went online and wrote to my friend and he started to laugh and sent only laughing emojis.

I think it was before Marseille(which is so long) when the conductor came, he looked at my ticket, at me, at my ticket and said : “ça marche pas, c’est écrit ici, regardez”. I started to play super stupid chick and immediately switched to English. I don’t know if he didn’t want to bother with me or simply he felt so sorry for someone who can’t even get on the train correctly that he just told me he is going come back, because if I don’t print the ticket, the money will be sent back to my account so he left me there.


He never appeared again. I wished he did. I didn’t even move, not to the toilet, not to buy anything to eat. Every time we stopped I was waiting for them to kick me out of the train. Finally I got to Metz and I was supposed to change there. I went to print my ticket and got to my train, it was another 20-30 minutes. I was so happy. The train started to move and I immediately started to laugh and cry at the same time. I hadn’t checked my ticket before getting on the train. I probably could just get out and check it at any random station but simply I stopped caring. I arrived to Lux and wrote my friend that I’m there waiting for him and he replied :”what? today? I thought you were coming tomorrow, I’ll be there in 15, so sorry”.


I spent such an amazing time in Luxembourg, South France, and Brussels. Earlier in Lux I was talking over couchsurfing with a Czech guy Tomáš, who is living in Brussels and was able to accommodate me. I had never experienced anything like that so I was kind of excited. After a few hours drive with some guy from Blabla Car I appeared on some square writing to Tomas. In that moment I felt really weird. We went to pub just a few meters away where his colleagues were having a drink and we started to talk. After a while they actually asked how long do we know each other and all these days went incredibly well. I was quite surprised that he left me the keys of the apartment with a note “please, don’t steal anything” and the breakfast. During the days I was exploring the city by getting lost in random streets, Tom gave me many tips, so basically I walked around all the city and totally fall in love with Brussels. One evening we had early dinner in park and the other night with another friend from Tom we went to party. It was actually some event of European Parliament as he was working there. He also took me for a private visit to the European Parliament. Plainly, I was very lucky.

My parents didn’t know that I’m in Belgium, they were too scared to let me go there. Earlier that day my mum met one of my friend and obviously they started to chat about me and my friend went “well, Kate is doing really fine in Brussels” and my mum was like “she is still in Lux”. So She started to call me while I was already a bit drunk. Actually, I felt so free and had so much fun meeting people and having random conversations with no expectations. That was so refreshing and that’s what I started to love about traveling, couchsurfing, blablacar and all these possibilities that are worth trying. I spent longer than I expected and we still kept in touch and I can’t wait to see him again, because he is really a wonderful person to me and this road was amazing mainly because of him.


But later some other day, I was taking a bus to Rotterdam which wasn’t even planned but was so close and could be also fun. I was staying just one night with Bart (sounds probably weird staying just with the guys, but that’s just what happens). We chatted a bit; his humor got me so much so I already knew it was a good idea to stay with him. We decided to go for a party where were most of his students (he was teaching Dutch) and meeting was very international. I got also very lucky this time. One of his students was living in the most known building of Rotterdam so we got there for a drink and could see Rotterdam from this perspective. Biking home late and having a brunch on the river bank the other day ended and I felt like I am not ready to live the city and this guy.
I kind of wished to miss my bus, but I catch it and not long after I appeared in Amsterdam. I have always visited this city, but this time I found it a bit disappointing. Maybe I expected too much or maybe it was just the fact that the person I was staying with was really weird.


I was staying with Mark, it was basically last minute call because the guy I was supposed to stay with had some accident. Mark seemed cool and friendly and very soon after I found out why. I came to the apartment where I could find probably all kinds of drugs. It didn’t take long for him to offer me some but I kindly refused. We went to explore Amsterdam while the sun was going down. Even though the city was very lovely, I didn’t like how crowded and noisy it was. At the end it was all really annoying but I still tried to enjoy as much as possible this limited time. We ended up at the couchsurfing meeting. Well, my advice to anyone who wants to visit Amsterdam, never say that you like Rotterdam, people won’t like you anymore. I ended up talking to some really drunk guys, but I bet they would talk literally to everyone and try their luck, when I realized that I kind of lost my new roommate. I tried to stay calm and went outside to be able to call him, where I find him taking something and telling me I looked so busy talking with those guys. Weird. Time to sleep. The other day was amazing weather. Due to weather changes I could see Amsterdam in all colors and Mark really took time to show me the most and the best from Amsterdam, but I was counting hours till when I leave this messy apartment and be free to live my life again.



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