Being Single

The downside of following my dreams and moving to Switzerland is being alone. For most of the people this term means not having a girlfriend or boyfriend. For me, it has more to do with the fact of not having people to just hang out with; someone who makes you feel complete. I believe this feeling either forces you to leave a new situation or makes you a stronger person. 

I came to Lutry and everyone treated me nicely, however I found myself surrounded by Italians, Americans and the French. I feel as though the Swiss people are emotionless and cold. So, I ended up having coffees, lunches, picnics, walks alone. I'm a very positive person and I usually have smile on my face, but here the locals constantly look at me weirdly. After a while it kind of changed my attitude.

To be honest, I've never felt like this before. During all my travels, I easily made friends, and all my life I was just surrounded by people I liked and cared about. Recently I planned a trip home and immediately even just the idea of coming home made me feel so relaxed.

But the truth was that I didn't even feel like I left home. Everyday I got around 20 messages, with Swisscom unlimited internet, I could easily call and take a part in my friends life. Genius, huh? Not really. I realized it is like living the life with your eyes half closed. The following month, I gave myself a simple task just to live the life here. (Sorry to all my friends I left without any response for quite amount of time)

The thing about being single is you should really focus on your desires. It may not last long to have a while just for
yourself. There are no borders and no dream is crazy enough to be unreachable. But at the end it all begins with you.

Finally, I take time as an opportunity and know everything is limited. So, now it's me, me alone in Switzerland, having a few friends around, but with the difference. I do not feel alone anymore. I came here with a clear objective in my eyes and next September, I'll apply to SwissAir with a fluent knowledge of French and get what I deserve. But till that time, I'm gonna be living my life with a positive outlook for the future because no matter which step I'm just taking, I have been already living my dream.

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