Be Your Own Inspiration

Before the holidays came I was having a crisis; I wasn’t feeling sure about myself, my way of life that it should be all like this, and feeling homesick like crazy. I was comparing my life to the others, checking on Instagram, Facebook accounts and thinking to myself. If my life seems so amazing, was it worth all these negatives moments I was experiencing?

When the holidays came, it started to be tough. First, I had to travel to Lorcy, France to stay a week in the countryside with my host kids and grandmother. In the beginning, I was not excited at all but then I took it as a necessity for my job and holidays included. Also, I could visit another part of France, which I wasn’t familiar with. It doesn’t happen every day you get such an opportunity.

During the stay, I realized how much I’m sociable person but also I learnt how to be alone. There was almost no Internet connection, which drove me crazy, but slowly I learned how to stay disconnected. I was reading, drawing, going for long walks and enjoying my own presence in this beautiful house or exploring the biggest city near by – Orléans, France. Second, I had to be around the kids almost 24/7, which is tiring. Sometimes even helping during the weekends.

I didn’t feel like living my life for a while but then I finally realized that every step I take is because of a goal that I won’t give up on without reaching or at least trying. I’ve become a person who is proud of what I’ve achieved and who I’ve become over the time. It all helped to feel better in my own skin and give me confident.


Society will always judge you, no matter what you do. If you follow your dreams and you have no education, you’ll always be a dumb until you start to be successful and all of those who’s thoughts become just an idea in someone’s head. If you study, but it doesn’t bring you any joy, you will be told that you’re doing it wrong. It works for all the things we have in life. There will always be someone who talks behind you back and compares your body, car, house, degree, career and way more. Over past years I’ve learnt that if I speak about someone it doesn’t say anything about the person, just about myself and I decided not to have character like this. So I stopped judging everyone because I believe we have stop with ourselves. This was on my mind for a moment so I just wanted to put it on the paper because this is also a reason why I started to run the blog. I was always afraid of what people that know me would think about me but at the end I don’t care at all, I just do what makes me happy and I believe, everyone should try this.



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